Muscle Gods II

Muscle Gods II

A gay boy who's muscle addict and admires bodybuilders and all muscular men.

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Greek God Jimmy Mentis ♥
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Jessie Pavelka.
Faisal Al-Elew.
R.I.P Mike Matarazzo. November 8, 1965 - August 17, 2014
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Muscle Gods: Mike Ergas


Photoshoot. Circa 1998.
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Steve Mac.
Lorenzo Filippi.
Steve Moriarty.
Hesam Aliakbar ♥
Pascal Flore est un ridiculement beau mec ♥
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Mike Matarazzo. Mr. Olympia - 1997 - Backstage.
Strutting studs tigers. Mr. Olympia - 1997.
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